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Theme – On Wisconsin

What makes you a Wisconsinite?  Show up in your waders, your cheese heads, your blaze orange or your grandma’s crocheted Packers scarf.  Show off your love of all things Wisconsin! Prizes awarded to best costume!

Bowlers Receive:

– Prizes will be given to those who raise the most in pledges!
– A Bowl For Kids’ Sake T-shirt!
– A Pizza & a Pitcher (beer or soda) per Team
– Two Games of Bowling!
– Shoe Rental!

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Event Shifts:
6:00 pm (check-in at 5:30 pm)
8:00 pm (check-in at 7:30 pm)

Easy Steps to Participate

Step 1:

Register to Bowl! It’s easy to do – just CLICK HERE to Register and set up your personal webpage and collect online pledges.  If you prefer a paper pledge form CLICK HERE to download.

  • Each bowler must collect a minimum of $75 in pledges or a team of five must average a minimum of $375. Bowlers can collect pledges online or use a pledge sheet to track their donations.
  • Once registered, manage your Bowl For Kids’ Sake participation through MyHQ.
  • BBBS will invoice your sponsors. However, the minimum amount to invoice is $25. Pledges less than $25 must be collected by the bowler.
  • Pledges collected offline can be entered on your personal webpage (optional). To enter these pledges: Sign in to MyHQ and click on Tools.


Step 2:

Set an individual and team fundraising goal- AIM HIGH! We suggest an individual goal of $150, but some of our top pledge getters raise $2,500!


Step 3:

Recruit team members (teams are typically 5 members). It could be friends, family, or co-workers.


Step 4:

Motivate your team to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeastern Wisconsin

  • Share information about the impact that Youth Mentoring has on your community.
  • Keep your team informed about incentive prizes, rules, games, contests, etc
  • Communicate their success (Katie just got a $50 donation! Joel has already exceeded his goal of $200! Our team just surpassed the $1,000 mark!)


Step 5:

Have Fun! Join us at the a local bowling center on March 10th to celebrate your team’s success!

  • The day of the event bring your collected pledges, the paper pledge form with your information completed and/or a print out of your online pledges. Online Pledge Reports can be downloaded and printed through MyHQ under Reports.
  • Registration begins 30 minutes prior to bowling time.
  • Remember, it’s not about how good a bowler you are, it’s celebrating the impact the money your team collected will have on your community!


Step 6:

Say THANK YOU! Thank your team members for their time and commitment to participate! Don’t forget to say thank you to the people who donated to you! Call or e-mail them after the event to let them know how much money your team raised and to thank them for supporting local children!

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