Q & A with Community-based Match

Three years ago, Cherie Zelinger thought she could do something to give back. Inspired by information presented during a Shawano Rotary Club meeting, she signed up to be a Big. Matched with then 7-year-old Amy, Cherie met with her Little Sister at school as a site-based match initially. The match switched to community-based about a year later, and Amy and Cheries have been getting out and participating in many activities. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeastern Wisconsin asked Cherie and Amy to tell us about what makes their match so great:her

In Cherie’s words:

Where did you hear about BBBS and why did you want to become involved? I learned about it at my Rotary meeting.  I thought it would be nice to be able to help out a young woman and make a new friend.

How long have you been matched? We just celebrated our three-year anniversary!

What do you like most about being matched? Getting to be a kid again! And all the conversation.

What do you do as a match? We go swimming, tubing, fishing, play on the playground, play games, spend time outside, and we do a lot of baking together.

What do you hope your Little has learned from you? Hopefully she has better self-esteem from all our time together.  She is definitely growing up into quite a young woman.  Amy has opened up a lot and has gotten really good at showing appreciation.

What would you say to others about BBBS and are thinking about becoming a Big? Do it!  You can help a young child grow, plus you get to feel very appreciated.  And you’ll have fun!

In Amy’s words:

What have you liked most about being matched? We get to do lots of fun things together.

What is one thing you have learned from your Big? How to take care of animals. We’ve volunteered at the Humane Society.

How has being matched in BBBS affected your life? I have been able to get out a do a lot more than I would have if we weren’t matched. I really appreciate all the time Cherie and I get to spend together.

How do you think your Big has impacted your life so far or will in the future? Cherie is always there for me. It’s really reassuring.