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November 18, 2018

Mary Malcore-Miller: Match support is an important safety feature of our programs

Mary Malcore-Miller, Program Director

We appreciate the families and volunteers who are making a difference, one-kid-at-a-time, in our communities. One of the reasons our program is so successful is because we have dedicated support for each match.

Our team of professionally trained program specialists has a big job. Not only do they recruit, interview and match new mentors and children, they also have an average 100 support calls to make each month. Contact with families, Bigs and Littles is required by a specific due date in accordance with our national standards.

This support is an important level of protection for mentors and children. Even if things are going fine, we want to hear that directly from you. Some changes you may be noticing include more frequent contacts for Bigs and Littles matched longer than one year in our Community-based program, more frequent contacts for parents in the Site-based program and the opportunity to schedule your support contacts using a software called Acuity.

Acuity is similar to the system that your dentist, for example, may be using to remind you of your appointment. If you’re interested in scheduling your match support calls, mention that to your program specialist.

Professional support is one of the reasons why BBBS is so successful. We are your partners and are working toward the same goal: improving the lives of children. Thank you for all that you do!

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