November 1, 2019

Eight years ago, Big Sister Haley walked into her Big Brothers Big Sisters interview excited for an opportunity to get plugged into her new community. Soon she would be matched with Little Sister Tequila (Teka) and a friendship of 8+ years would be created. Teka grew up with younger siblings and was excited for a chance to have an older sister herself, as well as having an outlet from being a big sister to her siblings.

Since meeting each other in November of 2011, Teka and Haley have formed an easy, comfortable relationship with one another. Their time together ranges from movies and makeup, to deep conversations at their favorite restaurants and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­just being together doing everyday things. Both women agree that the most memorable and meaningful experience they have shared was Teka standing up as a bridesmaid in Haley’s wedding. Haley shared that Teka “…is such a part of our family that it was only natural she be in the bridal party.”

In their time together, Teka and Haley have learned and grown so much from each other. Haley has been reminded not to take life to seriously, to enjoy the every day, and to always be confident and curious. Teka put it best when she said, “I have learned that it’s okay to have insecurities and how to embrace who I am.” Eight years has been a long road and a fun journey for Teka and Haley, and both are looking forward to eight more!