January 2, 2020

Each month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin shines a light on the relationships that we are helping build within our community. Please help us congratulate Sara and her Little, Amanda — our Brown County Match of the Month for January.

Where did you hear about Big Brothers Big Sisters?
Sara: I was a Little when I was growing up and learned a lot from my Big. One day I was thinking about what I could do with some of my free time and thought of becoming a Big to pay it forward.

Why did you want to have a Big Sister?
Amanda: I wanted someone to have fun with. I always have fun with my Big sister. I love my Big sister.

What do you do when you spend time together?
S: We go shopping, watch movies and sing our hearts out to 90’s music.
A: We go shopping and watch movies. I always have fun wherever we go.

Is there something in particular that stands out as a memorable time with your Little?
S: All 4 years of Black Friday shopping is never going to get out of my mind.
A: Doing special events together like Black Friday shopping, watching The Masked Singer and going shopping.

Is there something in the future that you would like to do together or that you look forward to experiencing together?
S: A Bears vs. Packers game.
A: Go to a Packers vs. Bears game.

What have you learned from your Big?
A: To never be afraid. Be there for someone.

What have you enjoyed about being a Big?
S: Watching Amanda grow into a smart, free-spirited young woman.

In what way has being matched with your Little affected you and your life?
S: At first Amanda didn’t want anything to do with me. Even with her Dad’s help to get her to get ice cream with me, she still didn’t want to go. So our first hang out was at her house playing games and now we can’t stop talking to each other.

How has being matched with a Big made a difference to you?
A: Makes me very happy and she is my real Big Sister. Sara is family to me.

If you had a crystal ball and could see five years into the future, what do you see for yourself and your Big?
A: In 5 years Sara will be having a dance party with Amanda!

What would you say to others about Big Brothers Big Sisters and to others who are thinking about becoming a Big?
S: If you have free time, help these kids out. Its so well worth it even if it’s just to see a smile on their face or to get them out of the house.