June 15, 2020

Ryan Hallberg & Christian and Will Robinson & Jose


Ryan Hallberg & Christian:

Three years ago, Big Brother, Ryan, met Little Brother, Christian, and started the adventure of a lifetime. Ryan was looking for organizations to volunteer with and heard about BBBSNEW through some friends. Knowing his love for kids and his desire to make a difference in his community, Ryan decided to take the plunge and be a Big!

Ryan and Christian started their friendship by meeting at school and spent their days together playing games, working on homework, and battling in card games. As their friendship grew, both Ryan and Christian decided they wanted to see each other outside of school and continue their memory-building adventures. Today, Christian explained that he has been able to experience new things and learn new skills with Ryan – especially riding a bike! Ryan shared that Christian keeps him young and helps him to try new activities and learn the latest and greatest in technology. The match is looking forward to continuing their time together and building on their friendship!


Will Robinson & Jose:

Big Brother, Will, heard about BBBSNEW through a fundraising event and knew that it was an opportunity to pass along some of the experiences that he had and be a positive influence on a young man. Little Brother, Jose, wanted to have a friend to spend time with and learn new skills. Learning and experiencing life together is exactly what this three-year match has done!

Since the beginning of their match, Will has seen great qualities in Jose that have helped him to develop into a smart, responsible, and kind young man. Will notes that Jose has overcome fears and grown in confidence in a variety of ways, including participating in his first Jiu Jitsu tournament. In turn, Jose shared that his match has taught him that he can accomplish anything if he works hard enough. As for the future? Jose is excited for Will to help him navigate college and his future, and Will can’t wait to bring Jose camping with his family!