MATCH OF THE MONTH | October 2020

October 20, 2020

Anita & Araceli

Three years ago, Anita and Celi were matched with BBBS and have been an inseparable duo ever since!
Anita was a Big Sister in high school and was excited to get back into it and be a positive influence on a child’s life. She has loved how Celi has become part of her family and how much laughter they have shared over the past few years. When Celi heard that Anita would be her Big Sister, she was so excited to have someone else to play with! The best thing she has learned from Anita is the importance of school.
In their time together, they have had countless adventures and made awesome discoveries! Celi shares that she has enjoyed going to Anita’s house for baking, exploring the Wildlife Sanctuary, and splashing around on City Deck. Anita has enjoyed strawberry picking, the Botanical Gardens REACH activity, and having a picnic together at Perkins Park. Celi’s favorite memory was playing together at the Children’s Museum, and she is excited to bake macarons this winter!
Anita shares what a benefit her match with Celi has been for both of them. She feels that she has learned just as much as she has taught! Congratulations, Anita and Celi!