MATCH OF THE MONTH | September 2020

October 13, 2020

Jamila & Taniya

Big Sister, Jamila Seaton, heard of BBBSNEW through friends and her sorority sisters. She wanted to be part of the program because she was looking for ways to get involved in the community, and she wanted to learn more about Green Bay and truly commit to the city.
Jamila and little sister, Taniyah, almost always incorporate food during their outings. They like to go out to eat, bake and make food. Taniyah is good at decorating cupcakes and cake! They like to go to BBBS REACH activities as well.
Over the course of their match, Jamila has enjoyed seeing Taniyah’s growth. Jamila states that Taniyah does not realize it, but she went from being shy to being very assertive. Now, Jamila is witnessing her figure out the transition from being a kid to a teenager. In the future, Jamila looks forward to finally doing a sleep over with Taniyah. Taniyah thinks it would be fun to go to Six Flags together.
Being a Big has given Jamila a sense of responsibility and something to look forward to. Her time as a Big is beyond mentoring and about truly building a lasting relationship. She would highly recommend becoming a Big to anyone who has the time!