November 30, 2020

Big Sister, Mindy Everard, shares how working for Nicolet Bank got her connected with her Little Sister

Three years ago, Big Sister Mindy Everard heard about the mentoring programs offered with Big Brothers Big Sisters and knew that she wanted to be involved. She had a few friends who served as Bigs within the community, and hearing firsthand about the impact that she could have on a youth was all it took for her to take the plunge!

Mindy has served as a site-based Big Sister since December of 2017, meeting with her Little Sister Mikayla weekly at her school. In that time, she and Mikayla have developed a strong friendship and bond through playing games, reading, drawing, eating together, and enjoying one another’s company. When asked about her relationship with Mikayla, Mindy expressed, “We laugh a lot, talk about the day and what she is doing in school. She is always smiling!”

Throughout the three years of their match, Mindy has seen what an impact she and Mikayla have had on one another. In addition to seeing growth in Mikayla, Mindy is quick to share that she has learned to slow down and enjoy time together without any stress.

With the challenges of COVID-19 and Mikayla’s school not allowing external visitors, the match has had to adapt their time together. Mindy continues to look for ways to support Mikayla despite the complications COVID-19 has caused. The match has been able to have a few lunch dates to catch up and continue to be an encouragement to one another.

Nicolet National Bank has long been a supporter of BBBSNEW, both through financial contributions and the flexibility for employees to meet with their Littles. Mindy has worked at Nicolet for a number of years, allowing her to consistently meet with Mikayla. Mindy noted that her experience as a Big Sister has supported Nicolet’s mission to have a positive impact on the community. When asked what she would say to other Nicolet employees considering being Bigs, she shared that it has been a rewarding experience. In Mindy’s own words, “The small time commitment makes a big difference!”

BBBSNEW would like to extend a “Thank You” to Nicolet for supporting mentoring programs, as well as to Mindy for being such a positive and consistent friend in Mikayla’s life! Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a Big like Mindy should visit and click on “Be a Big”.

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