MATCH OF THE MONTH | January 2021

January 8, 2021

Althea & Madysin

Althea Rosenberg and her Little Sister Madysin are celebrating their 3 year anniversary as a match! Althea was matched once before and loved being able to share her interests and hobbies with a young friend. When her last match ended, she decided that she wanted to be re-matched and has been enjoying adventures with Madysin ever since!
Over the past three years, Althea and Madysin have enjoyed going to various events in the community, exploring the parks and trails, visiting the rescue cats at Safe Haven, doing a variety of arts and crafts, and baking. They swim, go to the trampoline parks and usually end up going out to eat. Sometimes they just hang out at Althea’s home with her cats . . . who happen to love Madysin! Looking ahead, both of them would like to spend some time in Door County. It’s a favorite destination of Althea’s, and Madysin has never been there before.
Despite Madysin’s upcoming high school graduation, there is no doubt that her and Althea’s friendship will continue. Althea says “It’s been so rewarding to see her grow up into the wonderful young woman she is today.” Congratulations to Althea and Madysin!