MATCH OF THE MONTH | February 2021

February 1, 2021

Stosh & Ethan

Four years ago, John “Stosh” Stiloski was first introduced to his Little Brother Ethan. Stosh shares that he was matched because he has learned a lot through his own life experiences and and wanted an opportunity to share that knowledge with a Little Brother. Plus, who doesn’t want to have an awesome buddy to have new experiences with?! Ethan shares that his dad was not involved in his life and having a Big Brother to hang out with was just what he needed.

Not surprisingly, Stosh and Ethan have had a blast over the past four years and have gotten into all sorts of trouble with one another. Their time together is filled with sports, art, long drives, good conversations, and video games. They have also had some unique experiences together including being on the news!

Both Ethan and Stosh share openly about how much they have learned from one another. Stosh has learned patience, how to be a good listener, and the process of building a trusting and honest relationship. Ethan, now 14 years old, openly discusses how Stosh has filled the role of both friend and father figure in his life. Their conversations about life, relationships, and academics have taught Ethan the importance of choosing the right path and the value of having someone to lean on.

Stosh’s advice to other Bigs is to “Be patient with the growth of the relationship between Big and Little and focus on the long term goals.”

Congratulations, Stosh and Ethan!