February 1, 2021

Beth & Kenzie

Big Sister Beth had firsthand experience on the impact that BBBS can have on a child. Having been a Little Sister herself, she was excited to be able to contribute to the program as an adult and to have a positive impact on a child. Kenzie was in a site-based match prior to meeting Beth. After watching her older sister head off with her Big, Kenzie decided she wanted the same thing and was looking forward to a new friend to do fun things with.

One year after meeting, these two friends enjoy spending their time together watching movies, playing games, taking photos, playing tourist in Door County, doing DIY projects, and trying new activities for them both. Trying new things together has become a central part of Beth’s influence on Kenzie and is one of her favorite things about being matched. The match also has fun plans for the future, including exploring Fonferek Glen this summer.

Beth shares how Kenzie has greatly benefited her life. Through their time together, Beth has been challenged on the way that she views things and has learned so much from Kenzie. Kenzie herself is thankful for all the things Beth teaches her, especially how to try new things and learn new games.

Congratulations, Beth and Kenzie!