March 30, 2021
Dan Terrien & Landon
Have you ever felt like something was “missing” and wanted to find a way to fix it? Three years ago, Big Brother Dan Terrien noticed a need for positive leadership for kids in the community and decided to take a leap of faith with BBBS. He was soon matched with Little Brother Landon, and the two have had quite the journey together!
Dan and Landon were matched in 2018 and quickly formed an inseparable bond. Landon, only 10 years old at the time, needed someone in his life who would interact with him and be a positive, consistent friend. He wanted someone to play with and talk to, and Dan was the perfect fit.
Three years later, these two friends love to have adventures together. They enjoy hiking, exploring, going to museums, listening to music, and driving around town talking. Some of Landon’s favorite things to do are play chess and checkers with Dan, and he is looking forward to the two of them taking his RC car for a whirl.
Throughout the challenges of the past year, Dan and Landon did not let anything get in the way of their time together and found unique ways to stay connected and keep their friendship strong. Dan shares that his relationship with Landon has enriched his own life and helped him to discover new ways of enjoying life with a friend. Landon is thankful for Dan’s friendship is looking forward to their upcoming adventures.
When asked what he would say to others thinking of becoming a Big, Dan shared, “Don’t let ‘what if?’ haunt you, just take that first step in talking with someone at Big Brothers Big Sisters. You’ll be glad you did, no matter what you decide.”
Congratulations, Dan and Landon!