March 2, 2021

Tony, Patti & Cayden

Tony and Patti Depies moved to Green Bay a few years ago and were looking for a way to volunteer in their new  community. They knew about BBBS through their daughter, who had previously interned with the organization, and decided to check it out. In March of 2018, they were matched with their Little Brother. Cayden, who was looking for some fun and new experiences, was in for a surprise when he met his new Big… along with his other new Big!

During their weekly visits together, Tony, Patti, and Cayden have established some fun routines that give them a chance to laugh and joke together, as well as have good conversation. They typically eat a nice meal together, walk the dog and play lots of chess and card games. These three friends also spend a lot of time in the summer at the Depies’ cottage where Cayden first learned how to swim and went water tubing! Tony and Patti remember taking him to a pumpkin patch where they enjoyed holding all the baby animals together. They hope to get to the Milwaukee Zoo sometime soon!

Tony and Patti say that their family has been enriched by Cayden. Even their adult children come over and play cards with Cayden and really enjoy their time with him. Tony and Patti say that they love seeing the world through a child’s eye and get so much satisfaction knowing they can provide a little more personalized attention for him. Cayden says that Tony and Patti have become very special people in his life.

Tony and Patti say that if you are thinking about becoming a Big… GO FOR IT! Sharing just a couple hours of time a few times a month will make such a positive impact on a child’s life. They also said, “The best part is that your Little will likely give you way more in return… like ours does!”