BBBSNEW Issues Laser Tag Challenge to Bigs, VFW, and Packers

April 26, 2021

BBBSNEW threw down the gauntlet in an ultimate laser tag event on April 20, 2021, at Urban Battlefield in De Pere. As part of the NFL’s Inspire Change program and Bigs With Badges program, BBBSNEW teamed up with Former Packer Jarrett Bush, local law enforcement, and the VFW Green Bay Chapter to raise awareness about BBBSNEW’s “Ready to Be Matched” youth.  This tactical laser tag event was an exciting evening for all involved and helped bring awareness of the many local youth that are waiting to be matched with a caring adult mentor.

Bigs With Badges is a program that began in 2016 in response to a growing need for positive adult mentors in the community. BBBSNEW and local law enforcement agencies in Brown, Door, and Shawano counties work together to recruit mentors for community youth. In an effort to engage the entire community with the Bigs With Badges program, BBBSNEW has opened up the criteria to include city officials, veterans, and fire departments along with continued efforts to recruit law enforcement personnel.

In addition to raising awareness for the Bigs With Badges program, the event was in collaboration with the Green Bay Packers and the NFL Inspire Change grant that BBBSNEW received in 2020. Former Packer player Jarrett Bush  graciously agreed to participate in the event and partnered up with a BBBSNEW “Ready to Be Matched” youth for the activity.

“The event could not take place without the support of Ken Corry of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Green Bay Chapter. Ten veterans have stepped forward and offered to be matched for an evening with “Ready to Be Matched” youth. Currently BBBSNEW has 41 boys and 38 girls who are waiting for a mentor. In addition to the Vets, two current Bigs With Badges matches will be in attendance,” shared Katie Hess, Executive Director of BBBSNEW.

Adults who want more information about how to become a Big can sign up for a virtual or in-person information session by scrolling to the top of the page and following the link: “Be a Big.”

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