MATCH OF THE MONTH | August 2021

July 21, 2021

Michael McMorrow & Hayden

My name is Michael, and this is my Little Brother Hayden!

I was initially interested in BBBS because I have several family members and friends who have participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters in the past and had overwhelmingly positive experiences. I had a multitude of great role models growing up who were invested in my growth and development. In becoming involved with BBBS, I hoped that I could provide some of the support that I received while growing up to someone else.

Hayden and I have a pretty varied routine and like to do a lot of different things. In the summer, you will most likely find us doing something outdoors. We have gone fishing (and have usually not caught much!), went on hikes, set up our tents, went metal-detecting, and many other things. In the winter, we also like to do things outside like sledding or building a snow fort- basically, anything adventurous is interesting to us! Hayden’s favorite activities are hiking, trying new foods, and exploring new places together. One of his favorite memories was baking cookies together and making one huge, mega cookie with all the leftover dough. It didn’t bake well, but we have fun anyway!

As for my favorite memory, Hayden and I went to the adventure park at the N.E.W. Zoo during Halloween one year and went zip lining in the dark. I am not afraid of heights and had been ziplining quite a few times before, but for some reason being 100+ feet in the air surrounded by complete darkness creeped me out to a certain degree. I remember feeling slightly frightened/taken aback, but Hayden was laughing and yelling the entire way down. It really stood out to me as an experience that I certainly would not have had but for BBBS. That will always be one of my favorite memories with Hayden among many others.

Hayden and I have learned so much from each other in our time together. Since meeting Hayden, I think I have become more adventurous. Hayden is always up to try something new, and I think I have also become more willing to break out of my comfort zone and do something I haven’t before. Hayden told me that he has learned how to set up and stake a tent and wants to learn to start a fire.

Hayden has big plans for us in the future. He said that, in five years, we will both be millionaire YouTube stars/lemonade stand owners with our own Teslas and a RV to travel across the country together. Time to start planning our next adventure!

For anyone considering being matched, I would whole-heartedly encourage them to do so. At least in my own experience, I have found it to be exceptionally very rewarding and very fun!

Congratulations, Michael and Hayden!