MATCH OF THE MONTH | September 2021

August 26, 2021

Ezni Garza & Jasmine

My name is Ezni, and I have been matched with my Little Sister, Jasmine, for 3 years. I first heard about BBBS through my school and felt like it would be a great way to help out kids in the community. I had done previous volunteering but felt that BBBS was the best option after college.

Jasmine and I like to do a variety of activities together. Recently, we flew kites together, had dinner together, went to the movies, went ice skating, and we go to the BBBS events when we can. Jasmine likes to spend our time going out to eat or going to the park. I often think back on when we first got matched and I would see her at school. She was so excited, and it was good just getting to know each other and learning what we have in common. Jasmine’s favorite memory was the Booyah game we went to recently- it was her first game, and we had a blast!

We have some ideas for the future of our match. Jasmine is excited for me to come to her graduation, and I am excited to see how she continues to grow into herself. I have enjoyed everything about being a Big Sister to Jasmine. I enjoy the time we spend to together and how happy she gets when we go out to do BBBS events, how she tells me about her family and what they did that week, and just being a part of her life and seeing her grow up into the wonderful person that she is.

Jasmine told me that she has learned not to care what other people think and that there is so much to experience in life. For me, being matched has affected my life by being able to see things from her perspective and learning new things every time we meet.

I would like anyone who is thinking about becoming a Big to know that it is one of the best things you can do. You get to share experiences with a kid in your community and get to see things from their perspective. It can remind you what it was like to be a kid, and you can show them things that you enjoyed as a kid. It is a life changing experience for both you as a Big and for your little.