MATCH OF THE MONTH | December 2021

November 24, 2021

Genny Jones & Mackenzie

Hi! My name is Genny, and this is my little sister Mackenzie. Mac and I knew each other for a few years prior to being matched with BBBS in December of 2018. I had been aware of BBBS programming for a long time, and when Mac asked me to be her mentor, I said, “Yes!”

Mac and I are always up to some new adventure together! We try to participate in the organized BBBS events whenever possible. These events have allowed us to try new things such as learning how to sail, learning how to skateboard, volunteering at the humane society, trying a self defense class and many more. We both have goldendoodles, and Mac loves when we get to bring them together to play. She told me that she is hoping to take both of them up to the lake next summer for the afternoon.

To be honest, we do a lot of talking and laughing together. Sometimes we just come over to my house and we have a homemade dinner together. We have a little rule that we try to always play a game together and share our high point and low point of the day or week. This helps us to keep in touch with each other’s lives. Throughout our years together, we have developed a strong relationship built on trust. Mac has said that I am someone she can talk to about anything and who she can trust. From my perspective, I thought I would be a benefit to Mac’s life, but it turns out that she has been a benefit to mine. I am thankful for the relationship that I have built with her great family as well. Being invited to concerts and parties makes me feel like I am part of her future.

Mac and I are looking forward to continuing our adventures as the years progress. In her words, our future is to “still see each other a lot and continue to be the bestest of friends!”