March 28, 2022

Keith Tomaszewski & Deven

Hello, everyone! My name is Keith, and this is my Little Brother Deven. Deven and I first met through Big Brothers Big Sisters school program in April of 2019. Since then, Deven has switched school a couple times, and we have started seeing each other in the community. While previously working with a youth program, I saw the difference that an adult can make by listening and being there for a kid. Someone through my church had a match with BBBS, and she thought this would be a great opportunity for me when I moved to Green Bay.

In our time together, Deven and I have done quite a few things. We like to walk on the Fox River trail or Bay Beach trails, go to UWGB basketball games, play games, and spend time with my grandkids. Deven and I were even able to go to his first ever Packer Game. Deven likes being able to try new things with me, and he told me he appreciates having someone to talk to about the things on his mind. One of our most memorable moments was walking together and Deven telling me how much he likes spending time together- no matter what we are doing. That made me smile! We have some big plans for the summer including lots of bike rides and our first camping trip. He is looking forward to more basketball games in our future.

My favorite thing about being matched is getting to spend time with Deven doing things he has never done before. He teaches me to be more patient, and he teaches me how to be a better listener. Deven does not talk a lot, so I am sure to listen whenever he does! Deven said that he has learned how to spell different words in our time together. We try to make sure that we have some fun time and some educational time (especially when we were meeting at his school).

I have found my time with Deven to be a truly rewarding experience. I continue to be surprised at the impact that Deven’s mom says I have on him. It’s a great feeling to know I am making a difference.