April 25, 2022

Krysta Miller & Brayleigh

My name is Krysta, and this is my Little Sister Brayleigh. Brayleigh and I were matched in May of 2017 after I received an email from my workplace that BBBS was looking for mentors. I had known about BBBS since college, and I knew I wanted to get involved to give back to the community and work with kids. Brayleigh signed up for BBBS because she was kind of lonely at the time and wanted a big sister. Now, she sees us being besties for life… and I couldn’t agree more!

Brayleigh and I have so much fun together and have a lot of activities we enjoy. At home we like to bake, craft, and read together. We love to be outside in the summer, go to Bay Beach and the Wildlife Sanctuary, and have picnics in the park. We also enjoy attending things in the community like football games, baseball games, Disney on Ice, and other events. While all of our times together mean so much, one fun memory was attending a class and making sunflower oil together. We were able to complete the entire process from starting the seeds to bottling the oil. We used some of our oil to pop popcorn on the stove. Brayleigh is always up for any activity and enjoys both the big and little outings. In fact, her favorite memory was our first outing where we got ice cream.

Being matched with Brayleigh has been such a joy. Our outings are the highlight of my week as we have fun and learn together. I have grown in my communication skills, and Brayleigh has influenced me to be more outgoing because of her bubbly personality. I love watching her learn and grow. She has told me that she has learned kindness, patience, and humbleness in our time together.

To anyone considering becoming a Big, I would say that you will not regret your decision to be a Big. You will learn just as much as you mentor, and you will have so much fun!