June 27, 2022

Katie Retzlaff & Cece

Hey, everyone! My name is Katie, and this is my Little Sister Cece. We have been matched since July of 2018, and it has been such an amazing journey for both of us!

I first heard about BBBS through my workplace, the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, and wanted to be a part of it. I was new to De Pere and wanted to make some connections in town to make this place feel more homey.

Cece and I have gotten super comfortable with each other and have our go-to activities now. We go shopping, go to the movies, out to lunch or dinner, talk in the car for hours, play music, go to BBBS events, play around with makeup, paint nails, and sometimes cook. Throughout the years, Cece has also opened up to me about the challenges in life- I have really appreciated being able to help her through them.

My favorite thing about being a big sister is having a little sister to goof off with. I was the youngest in my family and I always wished to have a little sister… now I do!

My friendship with Cece has helped me get involved in opportunities in the area, have someone to goof around with and laugh with, learn about movies and music that are new to me, and help make Green Bay my home. We have lots of plans in the future together, and I would like to help teach her how to drive and figure out what job or school she wants to pursue. I want to help her know what opportunities she has in life.