MATCH OF THE MONTH | August 2022

July 26, 2022

Maggie Priebe & Jalena

Hello, everyone! My name is Maggie, and this is my Little Sister Jalena. We met 3 years ago and have been having a blast ever since!

Soon after I moved to Green Bay in 2018, I became aware of BBBS and their community impact through two close friends. They were already involved in the program, and I was able to hear about how they were establishing positive relationships with their Littles. When I made the choice to permanently settle in Green Bay, I knew I wanted to do the same.

Since getting matched, Jalena and I spend a lot of time outdoors together. We’ve planted a garden at our Brown County Community Garden plot, soaked up the excitement of events being held by the Broadway District, and explored the trails of Bairds Creek. We also enjoy cooking and baking together… many delicious meals and baked treats have been consumed together! Arts and crafts has always been something Jalena and I enjoy doing together. One of my favorite memories happened during the COVID lockdown when we found ourselves in a gazebo at the Olde North Community Garden for some painting. We had so much fun and felt as if we didn’t have a care in the world.

I have greatly enjoyed introducing Jalena to a difference perspective in life and new experiences. She does the same for me! Being matched with Jalena has further reinforced that not everything in life can be planned and that spontaneity is a beautiful thing. At the beginning of our match, I spent a lot of time planning out the ‘perfect’ hang out and or creating a ‘perfect’ environment to share meaningful conversation. It always seemed that the more planned our time together was, the more hiccups that would occur. It was in those moments that we had to adjust, and the adjustment was the most fun part of the night. Pursuing an activity together just because it felt right in that moment together was much more enjoyable than following the structured plan I had crafted. It is in these spontaneous activities that the best conversation is had and laughter is abundant!

Being a match in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program with a Little creates a two-way street in which both individuals benefit – I feel that I have learned just as much as from my Little as she has learned from me. Our time together provides shared laughter, broadens both of our perspectives and encourages us both to be our best selves!