MATCH OF THE MONTH | October 2022

September 22, 2022

Hello! My name is Leah, and this is my Little Sister, Ayvah. We were matched in 2018 and have enjoyed so many fun times in the past four years!

I become involved with BBBS after taking a class in college about community engagement and the importance of getting involved. They discussed the success and longevity of involvement hinging on being involved with things you are interested in, so I volunteer at the library because I love to read and with BBBS because I love kids (both of which are going strong)! Ayvah wanted a Big Sister because she and her mom had recently moved to West de Pere, and she wanted a friend to talk to and have fun with.

In our time together, we love to make crafts, go bowling, try different sports and activities, and just hang out sometimes. Ayvah loves to visit parks together, go bowling, and make slime. Some of her favorite memories were going mini golfing and doing a photo shoot for our three year match anniversary. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) helping Ayvah navigate the very complicated teen years. I benefitted from having older cousins and family friends in my life to give me perspective. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about stuff with parents but you still need an adult perspective- I hope I can help!

Being matched with Ayvah has given me a better experience of interacting with children as an adult. Not having any kids of my own yet, it’s helped me relate to my nieces and nephews so much better than before. I love watching her grow and mature and, of course, doing all the fun activities! When I asked her how she has benefitted from our friendship, Ayvah said that she was really sad and lonely when she first moved here, but now she has someone to talk to about school and friends who isn’t also at school with her.

To anyone considering joining BBBS, I would say that it is so rewarding to be able to influence young people and see how much they can grow!