50 Years of Impact Celebration

October 20, 2022



Thanks to the support of generous donors, sponsors, board members, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, bidders, and community members, we successfully celebrated 50 years of youth mentorship in Northeast Wisconsin. Guests gathered Thursday, October 6 at the beautiful Green Bay Country Club to celebrate five decades of impact while also helping support the program for years to come.


Two Littles from our program were the MCs for this event. Lucas and Hannah were both excited to speak on behalf of BBBSNEW. Both of their Bigs attended the event, cheering their Littles on and coaching them in the days leading up to their speech.

Our MCs Lucas and Hannah

Hannah and Lucas helped us honor our inaugural Match Hall of Fame. With 50 years of history, we have so many matches that show how transformative our program can be. The planning committee went through our records and selected two matches that had a lasting impact, beyond the years they were officially matched.

Our first Match Hall of Fame inductees were Nick Hafeman and Paul Schierl. They were matched in 1992. Paul’s wife, Carol, who also had a big impact on Nick, accepted the award on behalf of her late husband. Nick and his wife Alex celebrated their wedding anniversary during the special event; the two are a Big Couple! (Their little is named Paul!)

Carol Schierl and Nick Hafeman. Carol accepted the Match Hall of Fame Award on behalf of her late husband, Paul

Our second match was Traci Hutchcraft and Ann Heyrman; they were matched in 1990. The two continue to have a special bond, and Ann even stood up in Traci’s wedding. Traci also helped create our program in Shawano County when she was a staff member with BBBSNEW.

Traci Hutchcraft and Ann Heyrman

Congratulations to our first inductees to our Match Hall of Fame!

We want to thank the Green Bay Country Club, its staff, BBBSNEW staff, board members, sponsors, and everyone who helped make this event a success! Thanks to the support of sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we have been able to provide one-to-one mentoring to more than 14,000 youth over the last 50 years. We are so excited to continue to serve hundreds of children across Northeast Wisconsin.

If you weren’t able to attend our event, you can still help today!



To see more photos from the event, check out the gallery below!