A BBBS Match with a lasting impact: Andrew & Sincere

December 28, 2022

Andrew has been an active supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters for years, he was a Big Brother through BBBS Twin Cities and has roots in the Green Bay area. He is proud to share his story and with National Mentor Month just around the corner and the upcoming Vikings vs. Packers game on January 1, 2023, we wanted to highlight his special friendship with Sincere.

“My life changed forever in 2018 when I signed up for Big Brother Big Sisters Twin Cities and was matched with Sincere. We spent time with each other every week playing football, reading books, going to museums, and working on homework. Although he was only 10 years old, it wasn’t long before we were truly brothers.

Unfortunately, Sincere moved to Chicago just 14 months after being matched. This didn’t break us from the bond we formed. We continued to talk on the phone almost daily, and we have made it a pact to meet up at least once a year.

When our match “officially” ended in 2019, I really wanted to do something fun and meaningful for our last hangout. I flew to Chicago and he was able to show me around his new hometown. From there, we rented a car and drove to Green Bay for a weekend full of green and gold, family meals, laughs, and of course, his first NFL game. Let’s just say that the game was enough to convert any Bears fan to a Packer fan!

This summer, I got married and was honored to have Sincere stand up as a Groomsman. As a fourteen-year-old, he had the confidence to stand up at the rehearsal dinner and give a speech, without being asked, and blew it out of the water!

Although I like to think Sincere benefits from our relationship, I also have grown and learned more than I could have ever imagined. Big Brothers Big Sisters is to thank for such a wonderful, lifelong relationship that we both value so much.”

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