MATCH OF THE MONTH | February 2023

January 30, 2023

Corey & Cassie Swanningson & Connor

Hi, everyone! My name is Corey, and my wife’s name is Cassie. We are a Big Couple to our Little Brother Connor. Cassie and I heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters from my mother-in-law in 2017, and we were matched with Connor in February. I enjoy working on projects around my house, so I thought having a Little Brother would be a great way to teach him new skills he may not already know. Connor’s mom wanted him to have a positive male role model, and he thought that it would be fun to have someone to spend time with outside of the family.

The three of us have a variety of activities that we like to do together. Connor loves when we can cook dinner together, go golfing, have campfires, and play games. As I mentioned, Connor and I spend a lot of time working on life skills and projects together. We have done oil changes, painting, plastering, woodworking, and landscaping, but our favorite thing was building a chicken coop together and learning power tool safety. The best thing about learning home projects and skills is the bond that it creates between Connor and me. According to Connor, he appreciates learning things in an environment where he is treated with patience and kindness.

What I enjoy most about being a Big is seeing Connor’s excitement when he learns a new skill that will help him in the future. Our time together has helped me place a higher value on the time I spend with my own son. I know that my influence is important, and I focus on ensuring it is always a positive one. As for Connor, he shared that my wife and I have helped him see his full potential and grow in his confidence. We are both looking forward to a lifelong friendship.

To anyone considering being a Big, I would say that it is not nearly as intimidating as it seems, and you truly have a chance to change someone’s life. The staff are by your side 100% and there to support you in any way you need.