February 23, 2023

Gale Hannon & Claire

My name is Gale Hannon, and this is my Little Sister Claire. I have worked with other nonprofits in the area but wanted to find something working with older kids. Claire wanted to be matched with BBBS to have someone to spend time with and do things with. After enrolling with BBBS, Claire and I were matched in March of 2018.

Claire loves attending BBBS events, and we typically spend our time together enjoying those. We have done scavenger hunts, gone go karting, and gone to Get Air among other things. We also like to spend our time apple and strawberry picking, doing Fun Runs, and volunteering at art events. Claire loves art and is very talented. While I don’t have much artistic skills, we always enjoy being creative together. Claire really appreciates when I come to her basketball and volleyball games.

As for the future, Claire and I look forward to continuing to do the things we love and trying new things like cooking. I have enjoyed trying new things with BBBS such as kayaking, snowshoeing, and sailing, and Claire has helped expose me to new opportunities.

To anyone considering becoming a Big, I would say that all you need to do is just be there for them. This is a great way for kids to get a break from their family and do new activities.


Carol Wolske & Josie

Hi, everyone! My name is Carol, and this is my Little Sister Josie. We met in March of 2019, and we have been adventure buddies ever since!

Years ago, I volunteered in kindergarten classes with the GB Public Schools. When that ended, I was looking for another way to impact young children and heard about BBBS through the UWGB Lifelong Learners class. They had a panel of Bigs share about their experience with the program, so I decided to call and become a site-based mentor myself. Josie and I started by meeting at school once a week and working on her reading and writing. After a couple years together, we transitioned to meeting in the community.

Josie and I have a wide variety of interests that we like to do together. She loves to spend our time doing crafts and celebrating holidays. She enjoys when we paint rocks together, visit the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, volunteer, and watch movies together. In addition to Josie’s favorite activities, I also like to bake together, do summertime activities, read at the library, and decorate for Christmas. We have been able to attend all sorts of outdoor events and summer concerts too.

Josie and I have grown so much from our time together. She has brought much joy and happiness to my life and has helped me to feel younger. She has given me hope for the future generation to make this a better place to live. Josie shared with me that she feels more comfortable interacting with one another socially. Her confidence and self-esteem have grown from doing things outside of her comfort zone.

To anyone interested in getting involved in BBBS, I would say that it brings so much joy and happiness into one’s life. With the right match, time, and effort, you can build a great relationship that will make a difference in both of your lives.