MATCH OF THE MONTH | September 2023

August 23, 2023

Hi everyone! My name is Allie, and this is my Little Brother Joe. We are a high school/elementary school match that meets once a week during Joe’s lunch and recess. I heard about BBBS through my guidance counselor who reached out to me and encouraged me to apply. I looked into and agreed!

I wanted to get involved because I love kids and I also want to work in the medical field. I figured it would be a good thing to add to college applications, and I absolutely fell in love with the program once I got involved. I know that I am a positive influence in Joe’s life, and that makes me beyond happy!

Joe and I have lots of favorite activities. Playing games (which I end up losing a lot!), researching interesting topics, talking, and doing mind games are only a handful of things that we do during our time together. We both have a lot of the same interests which definitely benefits us when we are deciding what to do. One of my favorite memories was when he and I were researching about bugs, specifically centipedes. We were in the library and quite a few teachers had walked by to see what we were doing. Our research made so many people gag, and the two of us had a good laugh about it! It was fun and entertaining, but we also were able to learn something new and it made learning fun.

My time with Joe has been so impactful for both of us. I have enjoyed every part of being a Big, and being his mentor means the absolute world to me! Having a buddy to hang out with and teach me to have fun makes me so happy and gives me a break from my own school and stress. He is such a kind and smart person for his age, and I learn so much from him every time I see him. He always knows how to make me smile, and he is a light that helps me get through rough days at school.

For anyone considering being a Big, I say: do it! It is one of the best decisions you will ever make! The feeling you get from seeing the smile on your littles face is one of the best feelings ever and knowing that you are helping to shape someone’s future is so rewarding.