MATCH OF THE MONTH | October 2023

September 25, 2023

Kris Going & Ellsworth

Hi, everyone! My name is Kris, and this is my Little Brother Ellsworth. I first heard about BBBS when I was teaching in a public primary school in Shawano, and I wanted to become involved as I wanted to make a difference in the life of a sweet Kindergartener named Ellsworth. I thought it would be fun to spend some time together, do fun activities together, and just show him that I am another person in his life who cares deeply about him. Ellsworth agreed to being my Little because I was able to help him when he was having a hard time in school. Five years later, and we are still the best of buds!

Ellsworth and I have had so many adventures together, but his favorite memories are swimming, Packer games, watching movies, and playing board games. A few of my highlights have been attending two Packer games together (these tickets were donated by a couple who couldn’t attend). It was the first time we both were at a Packer game, and we got to experience it together! We also enjoyed riding go carts and hanging out at Bay Beach together. We have done some cooking together, and Ellsworth’s favorites are chocolate chip cookies. He also loves to get a massage in my massage chair! Not surprisingly, Ellsworth’s favorite memory together was meeting Randall Cobb, and I don’t blame him!

Ellsworth and I have both impacted each other’s lives throughout our years together. He shared that I showed him how to read better, how to be kind, and how to pick good friends. As for me, it has been very cool watching him grow physically and emotionally the past five years. I also feel like I have another “family” in my life as his biological family has always made me feel loved and appreciated! You can never have enough families!!!

My relationship with Ellsworth has definitely impacted me and my life in so many ways. I feel like it has provided me the opportunity to create a special bond with a young child who will, hopefully, be positively impacted by this relationship. It has given me purpose as my daughters are grown up, moved away, and are now independent. Most importantly, I feel like my personality is much more light and not as serious. It seems being around children just puts me in a joyful mood! I am sooooo grateful!

To anyone considering being a Big, I would say, “Give it a try!” Once you do, you will never look back! The benefits for the Big and the Little are numerous!! You truly build an amazing with relationship and just feel so good inside that you have a very special person in your life!!!