MATCH OF THE MONTH | November 2023

October 25, 2023

Maddy Barnes & Jovanna

Hi, all! My name is Maddy, and this is my Little Sister Jovanna. I’m not really sure how I first heard about BBBS, but I knew that I wanted to get connected with a Little who wanted to have fun, go outside of our comfort zones, and make memories together! Jovanna was the perfect fit for me because she wanted to get out of the house and do fun activities with someone. The rest is history!

Jovanna and I love spending time together and gravitate towards any fun activities that we have never done. We love to go to Starbucks, eat out, and explore Green Bay. It may be a little strange, but we love to do silly things together like watch YouTube videos of raccoons eating Cheetos! Some of my favorite memories have been trying new snacks and drinks together and going to Packer and Gamblers games. Jovanna can yell! She mentioned that going to the WPS Garden of Lights is one of her all-time favorite memories. In the future, we hope to go on more roller coasters, go to the zoo, go to Door County, and just continue to explore!

My favorite thing about being a Big is finding a mini version of me who has become my best friend. I love watching her grow into the beautiful young woman she is, and our relationship has reminded me to enjoy the little things in life. Jovanna is planning to study nursing at NWTC, and I could not be more proud! We agreed that we will continue to be friends even after BBBS, and we look forward to many more coffee dates together.

To anyone considering being match, I say do it! You get to be a kid again and get to see things through their eyes. If you are lucky, you might find someone half as great as Jovanna!