MATCH OF THE MONTH | February 2024

January 22, 2024

Natalie Heil & Lynzee

Hello! My name is Natalie, and this is my Little Sister Lynzee! Lynzee and I have been meeting together once a week for her lunch for 2 years now, and we can’t imagine going a week without our get togethers. I first heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters through my employer, Belmark inc, and I knew I wanted to get involved and give back to my community. Lynzee told me that she wanted to be matched because her older sister and she did not get along well, and she wanted someone to look up to.

No matter what we wind up doing, Lynzee and I always seem to have a blast together. Our typical visits include eating lunch together, talking, playing games, and telling jokes, but now and then we get creative and try new recipes. One of my favorite memories was the first time that we made dill pickle hummus together. Lynzee helped me measure out the ingredients, and we have so much fun creating a new food. The result was memorable!

I have volunteered with several non-profits, but being a Big is different. The time obligation is small, yet the results are very fulfilling. As a mentor, I am not simply performing chores or completing tasks; rather, I am encouraging and supporting a friend. When Lynzee shares stories from her week or asks for advice, I feel honored. The BBBS mentoring relationship is so simple and so rewarding. It’s all about quality time together, and we just appreciate each other as we are.

Lynzee shared the impact that our friendship has had on her as well: “She has made me confident, she has taught me how to play games, and she is a comfort zone to me.”

For anyone considering being matches, I would say do it. It is uncomplicated, rewarding, and impactful.