September 3, 2019


Each month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin shines a light on the relationships that we are helping build within our community. Please help us congratulate Alison Saxton (27) and her Little Sister Callista (13), both from Green Bay — our Brown County Match of the Month for September.

Where did you hear about Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Alison: I heard of BBBS through a partner at Schreiber Foods when I had first started with the company. I began getting involved with community BBBS events; then eventually joined BBBS as a Big Sister.

Why did you want to become involved?

A: I am a huge advocate for supporting the community and wanting to make an impact to the community where needed — no better opportunity than BBBS! I have also always had a passion to work with children & my career path didn’t take me in that direction — now I get to also fulfill that passion!

Why did you want to have a Big?

Callista: I am the oldest child and always thought having a big sister would be fun to hang out with. I have also thought if I had a big sister, I would have an older sibling to look up to and learn from – I knew I could experience that through BBBS.

What do you do when you spend time together?

A: We spend a lot of time just chatting and continuing to learn more about each other. We also like to try new activities that Callista may have not done before – bowling & mini golf are now some of our favorites. Going to the movies and trying new restaurants are also some of our favorite past times.

C: We try different restaurants, watch movies, get our nails done – we’ve gone bowling, mini golfing … UWGB Basketball Games — a lot of different things!

Is there something in particular that stands out as a memorable time with your little?

A: A few years ago Callista and I attended a UWGB Girls Basketball Game, as well as looked around Campus. This was a memorable time because Callista and I started discussing the idea of college right around this time & I had attended UWGB. She loved the idea of seeing the college I went to, as well as attending a basketball game there! — It was really cool to see her enjoy the time on campus.

Is there something in the future that you would like to do together, or that you look forward to experiencing together?

C: We have talked about trying a cooking class. Also talking about attending a Packer Football Game.

What have you enjoyed about being a Big?

A: Watching and being a part of Callista grow from an elementary school kid to an 8th grader has been so fun. Not only has she physically grown taller than me :), she is also developing and growing into a young adult. Its been really fun.

What have you learned from your Big?

C: My big sister has given me a lot of advice over the years. She has shared learnings from her own childhood and school experiences. She has helped me open up more and not be so shy. She has also helped push me out of my comfort zone to try new things.

In what way has being matched with your Little affected you and your life?

A: Being matched with Callista has been an amazing and rewarding experience. While I’m working to push Callista out of her comfort zone, she’s always pushing me as well. The experience also puts many things in different perspectives. I’d like to think we are continuing to grow in different ways together.

What would you say to others about Big Brothers Big Sisters and to others who are thinking about becoming a Big?

A: Do it! Being a Big requires you to dedicate time in our busy lives, but it is time well spent and more rewarding than you think!