May 11, 2020

Each month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin shines a light on the relationships that we are helping build within our community. Please help us congratulate in Stephanie Shepro and her Little, Kelian — our Brown County Match of the Month for May.

Big Sister: Stephanie

Where did you hear about Big Brothers Big Sisters?
I heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters through my work.

Why did you want to become involved?
I had previously worked with kids for summer camps and after-school programs while I was in college. I wanted to continue that work after college and thought it would be a fun experience to volunteer for BBBS. I loved the idea of providing fun activities for a kid (and myself) around Green Bay.

What do you do when you spend time together?
Kelian and I enjoy exploring Green Bay and finding all the fun, free activities the city has to offer. We love working on arts and crafts projects, especially around the holidays. We also enjoying cooking and baking together – some of our favorites include brownies and lasagna.

Is there something in particular that stands out as a memorable time with your Little?
One of my favorite things to do with Kelian each year is when we work on Christmas gifts together. We like to do paintings to give to our moms. It’s always a lot of fun because we spend time deciding what we are going to paint, listen to Christmas music, and drink hot chocolate! I love seeing Kelian ‘s creative side shine when she works on arts and crafts projects.

Is there something in the future that you would like to do together, or that you look forward to experiencing together?
Kelian and I really enjoy the summertime when we can get outside and find some fun activities. We like participating in Fit in the Parks so we can have some fun while getting in a good workout! We’re looking forward to doing more of those this year. Anything to get outside when it is nice!

What have you enjoyed about being a Big?
I’ve enjoyed spending time with Kelian and her family. It’s been really great to see her grow in confidence and personality as she gets older. I feel like the times we spend together have helped her become more comfortable and outgoing around others. It’s been a great experience to be part of that growth.

In what way has being matched with your Little affected you and your life?
Kelian has encouraged me to try new things and be more creative in life. I am more confident in trying something new to set a good example for her. I’m also more willing to embrace some creativity in our art projects and in finding new activities for us to do.

What would you say to others about Big Brothers Big Sisters and to others who are thinking about becoming a Big?
Go for it! It’s a very rewarding experience and knowing that you’re helping someone else is totally worth it. It gives you a chance to remember why being a kid was so great and allows you gain back some of the youthful joy.


Little: Kelian

Why did you want to have a Big Brother or Big Sister?
I wanted to have a Big Sister because I wanted someone to explore different things to do and to get creative with. I also wanted a Big Sister because I wanted to be with someone that was willing to do stuff that I would enjoy.

What do you do when you spend time together?
When we spend time with each other we tend to grab a snack and what we do depends on the weather. If it’s rainy and cold, we will be inside playing board games or doing some arts and crafts. If it is a sunny day, we will either go to a park, get ice cream, and sometimes go to some classes like yoga or dance.

What have you learned from your Big?
I have learned from my Big that it’s okay to get lost because in the end you will either get to where you need to go or you will find a new place that you may not have known about. Something else that I learned from my big is that it’s okay to explore places you have never been to because in the end you will have enjoyed it.

How has being matched with a Big made a difference to you?
Being matched with my Big has made a difference to me because I have learned to let my imagination take control when working on projects. It has also made a difference to me because I am learning to explore different things that I may not have thought about doing or things that I thought wouldn’t interest me.