MATCH OF THE MONTH | August 2023

July 26, 2023

Fred Berg & Diego

Everyone, meet Fred and Diego! This dynamic duo met in August of 2019, and they have been inseparable since then. Fred is a long-time Big Brother and has been able to impact the lives of three Littles including Diego. After taking some time off after his last match graduated from BBBS, Fred decided to get re-matched because he wanted to remind a Little of their value and teach them new skills that they may not have encountered before. Diego was just 11 years old when he met Fred and was excited to have a Big that he could do things with.

At the beginning of their match, Fred and Diego enjoyed coming to BBBS events and doing things outside. As they have gotten older, their time together continues to be even more meaningful and filled with big conversations about life. These two have been through a lot together as their lives have shifted and changed, but Fred has remained a constant for Diego through it all. Even when they have not been able to see one another due to COVID or other health reasons, they continue to find ways to stay connected to each other.

Congratulations, Fred and Diego!