March 25, 2024

Katie Hoebelheinrich & Angelina

Hi, everyone! My name is Katie, and this is my Little Sister Angelina!

I had heard about BBBS for most of my life, but I was finally convinced to get involved from a post I saw on Facebook. A friend of mine from college posted about her long-running match and what a difference it had made in her life, and I thought that was something I could do.

Angelina and my time together has really evolved as she (and I!) have grown and changed. When she was younger, we enjoyed a lot of BBBS activities, particularly those that had anything to do with being outdoors, crafts, cooking, and animals. We used to have a structured activity each time we would hang out together like trying new recipes, making an art project, or some other planned activity. As Angelina has gotten older, we have started to grab dinner together, hang out in my backyard, drive around together, and simply enjoy each other’s company and conversation. We also love to celebrate holidays together by carving pumpkins during Halloween and decorating cookies at Christmas. We have experienced so many things that I never would have done if we weren’t matched together including sailing, kayaking, and ziplining. We have enjoyed dinner, Starbucks, ice cream, shopping, and browsing at Barnes and Noble countless times. We have made meals and baked goods, signs at Board & Brush, and stained glass in Suamico. We have visited the Farmer’s Market, Titletown, the Botanical Garden, Baird Creek, the dog park, Bay Beach, and the zoo. The list is endless!

After six years together, it’s no surprise that Angelina and I have had a lot of memorable moments. Among those moments was when Angelina and her mom, Shannon, came to my wedding. Their presence was such a special part of that day for me, and I will never forget it. Even more impactful was last spring when I had my first baby, and Angelina and Shannon were going through a really difficult time for their family. Despite everything they were dealing with, they checked in on me and visited often, which meant so much to me. After watching Angelina grow from a kid to a teenager to almost an adult, it has been so cool to see her with my daughter. It is pretty incredible how our relationship continues to evolve as we continue growing ourselves.

Being matched with Angelina has changed me for the better in a million different ways. While I hope I have made an impact on her, she has had an incredible impact on me just by being herself. She has been a loyal friend and a reliable sounding board. Plus, she keeps me up to date with all the fashion and social media trends of the younger generation! Through tough times, we have leaned on each other and encouraged each other to be strong, brave, and resilient. She and her mom have become family to me, and I feel so fortunate to have them.

To anyone considering becoming a Big, I would say “Do it!” Being a Big is a great way to get involved in the community and make a difference in the life of a young person. But it is also an opportunity to meet lifelong friends and learn more about yourself too!